It's still hot here. It will stay hot for at least another month. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Autumn is my favorite season, and luckily for me, even if we don't get lots of changing leaves or crisp, frosty mornings, the weather in SoCal is more or less evenly split between hot and transitional. That means I get to wear my fall clothes all winter long.

I've been collecting Finds since A/W catalogs started showing up, These aren't all things I intend to buy, just pieces that have caught my fancy and indicate a general direction.


  • I love love love the Wrap London sparrow dress and think that might be my statement piece for autumn, if it works. 
  • I really like the colors and pattern on the Garnet Hill dress, but am skeptical about the shape working for me. 

    • I have two outerwear essentials that need replacing--my faux leather jacket and my lightweight puffer. I have not had great luck finding a leather jacket that I love, and I think they might just be too hard-edged for my style right now, so I'm looking at something like the rust kimono jacket as an alternative short, lightweight  outdoor topper. 
    • The Patagonia puffer has been on my list for a couple of years now, so eventually, the need will become urgent enough that I'll get it, probably when travel to colder places becomes a thing again.
    The Other Stuff:

    • I just kind of adore the Jenni Kayne sweater coat. It's the kind of thing I would wear a lot, but unfortunately, that color isn't available in my size.  It's the only color that isn't, so I'm hoping they might restock with a wider range.
    • I wore holes in my old black silk Eileen Fisher blouse, so a new one is in order.
    • I bookmarked the Jamie + the Jones sweatshirt before our road trip, but I can't stop thinking about it.
    • I've been thinking about a laptop backpack for several seasons now, but again, the need won't be urgent until we're well and truly past COVID life.
    • The Sofft Nettas would be something different for me, but I haven't yet purchased my summer statement piece (I'm doing one statement per season this year) and I find them appealing.

    Shopping List: 
    This is always subject to change as things unexpectedly wear out or priorities shift, but here's where I'm at right now.

    • summer statement
    • autumn statement
    • black silk blouse
    • some sort of jacket
    • lightweight puffer
    • laptop backpack
    • sneakers (my AllBirds still look great, but I can tell that the structure is breaking down by how my feet feel at the end of a long day walking)
    • upgraded sleepwear (I didn't mention this above, but a lot of my sleepwear is edging towards see-through, and I've been thinking about switching to silk)

    Do Not Buy List:

    • print tops
    • t-shirts or tank tops
    • skirts
    • scarves
    It's early days yet for fall shopping, but I'm setting my wants and needs out early to extend the pleasure of it.  Do you do the same for your favorite seasons?