I’m late to this, but how gorgeous is that pink on you?! Fun mustard accents too.

I think your hair looks great, but I totally understand how it seemed too stark at first. I feel the same way when I first get my hair colored, as it always seems just a couple of shades too dark. But my stylist knows what he’s doing — a couple of washes later, it fades ever so slightly to match the underlying color (at least the part that is not turning grey!). I’m glad you are enjoying the color more now. I think it reads a bit more funky and trendy than your silver hair, so it’s a good look for you IMHO!

I love your hair. The pink looks fabulous on you.
You have made me want those jeans.
I hope you had a good time.

I’ve missed that blazer! So glad you have brought it back. And I love how fresh it looks with the mustard!

I colored my hair a while back and hated it - but I think that’s because I hated the color it became when it faded. I think it’s smart to go a bit bolder from the start so it fades into something you like. (I went purple - which I loved - but it faded into a dull brown - yech.)

Gorgeous as always Suz - I just love that hot pink on you. Looks so fab, and the colour mix with mustard makes it super-modern, but still with your classic, polished grace grounding it all.

I like your hair! I agree with Angie - it's edgy vs. soft, which is different - but neither better nor worse - I also find that with brunette dye, it takes at least a week for it to settle in to the right colour (whether this is a bit of fading, eye adjustment, or a combination of the two I've yet to determine). I only touch my roots up and it always looks VERY dark until it's been washed several times ... so perhaps give it a bit of time to see what it settles into?