We are well into Autumn here now. The middle of the day is quite warm but mornings and evenings are cool. I find this kind of weather challenging to dress for as I walk a lot and overheat easily. But I think I am getting better at it. I wear cotton tees and tanks with my usual skirts and layer over (or carry) a lightweight jacket or cotton jumper. Underneath my skirt I wear another skirt or 3/4 length leggings (or both).

No 1: An everyday outfit wearing a tie dye top that I did in tandem with Merwoman’s DIY thread during the week (waving to MW). The skirt is from Etsy. My husband calls it my jodhpur skirt. He likes it but I suspect others might feel differently

No 2-3: My old brown moto jacket has found another new friend. I think this Allsaints skirt is my favourite skirt now.

No 4-6: This outfit didn’t photograph very well but is (a little) brighter than it looks. The skirt and boots are both metallic and the bag is iridescent and changes colour in the light. Sometimes green, sometimes purple, sometimes teal. And all good The bag is thrifted. The tee is another DIY.

No 7-9: Dinner at a fancy restaurant for my wedding anniversary. We were eating outside so I layered up just in case it was cold (or wet!) But we were lucky and had a fine, mild night with a beautiful view.