1. JEANS! I found my cropped jeans replacement this month (photo and Find), and I couldn't be happier. Despite record-setting heat, I've already worn the new Warp + Weft jeans six times. (Thank you, air conditioning!) They were the only thing I bought this month, brining my total purchases for the year to eight (3 replacements essentials, 2 accessories, 3 statements/extras). That leaves plenty of space for perking up my wardrobe for fall/winter.

2. August shopping. I like to shop in August, and used the month to do a lot of online/catalog "window shopping" and planning for the coming season. A few things from my wishlist went on sale, so I ordered two items to try on (the cardigan and cami in finds), but they haven't arrived yet.

3. Lightening up. I'm feeling the same urge as La Pedestrienne to lighten up a bit this winter, and have wishlist items in ivory and (non-optic) white, which isn't really a color represented in my wardrobe at the moment. We'll see how that goes. I realize it's a bit ironic to add black items all spring/summer and then turn to light neutrals in the winter. I can't explain it either.

4. The count. I did the annual count in August and, at 85 items, my wardrobe is shrinking. The size feels about right at the moment, not a lot of chaff, but I can see it growing/shrinking by 5-10 items either direction as the year progresses. I'm not anticipating any huge swings.

5. One year in. I just hit my one-year anniversary in CA last week, and was hoping that this would be the point where the patterns would begin to feel more familiar, but with COVID, everything is different and I have no idea how many of the traditions we established last fall/winter will be available to us. It's almost like this first year hasn't happened, at least in terms of meeting new people and getting established with go-to local haunts.

The state announced a reopening roadmap last week that consists of four tiers. My county is currently in the most restrictive of the four (still no indoor restaurants, bars, coffee shops, non-essential offices, libraries, in-person schooling at any level, or museums. Retail is open, but very restricted,) We have to cut COVID cases in half before moving up. From there, based on the guidelines, it will be, at an absolute minimum, 9 weeks of steady progress before we get to the most permissive level. Which means we won't be there by Halloween. Maybe not by Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm not anticipating being able to travel for the holidays this year or seeing family or friends (none of which are in-state) at all until sometime in 2021.

With all that, I'm having a hard time envisioning how I'll be wearing my clothes this coming season, but hey, gotta get dressed, and I'd rather feel like myself in my clothing even when mostly confined to home, so onward!

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