August was an odd month. I spent a lot of time thinking about fashion and setting style goals, but I sure didn’t put together many creative or interesting outfits. For those who are interested in the ongoing counting wears project, I alternated between two pairs of shorts (blue jean and white jean cutoffs) with the exception of 2 days when I wore a skirt. 11 tops got worn, 2 saw 6 wears each and the rest 1-3 wears.

What I did do was reevaluate accessories, and bring them in line with my closet, and the life I lead now, influenced by the pandemic.

Masks: when I started making masks in March, I workshopped a Marfy pattern with other YLF sewists and created them from what I had on hand - which was a fabric stash for quilting projects. In 6 months I’ve developed a repertoire of 3 different mask styles (Marfy, pleated rectangle, 3-d origami) and acquired new fabrics with safety and fashion in mind. As we progress through the phases for re-opening, more opportunities for social interactions are probable and a collection of masks required. I’ve made myself a weeks worth of masks in my favourite design, in colours that co-ordinate with my wardrobe.

Bags and wallet: Last year’s red crossbody has been joined by a mini backpack earlier this year. Two months ago I dug out an old fanny pack. They all get used, but I was struggling to fit my 4x7 wallet into them. After musing all summer, and stalking a smaller 3x4 wallet, I pulled the trigger. The new wallet holds everything the older one did, even though smaller in size - and slips easily into my bags, along with phone, keys, and mask. I would like a dressier version of the fanny pack - olive leather (?) that I could wear bandolier style or regular.

Scarves: early August DH crossed off a bucket list item when he brought home an old convertible. We pack a picnic, and go exploring along the northern shores of Lake Ontario and into the rolling hills of the beautiful countryside of central and eastern Ontario. Looking forward - instead of waiting for things to ‘get back to normal’ - we are planing mini road trips through October, and will resume adventuring in summer 2021, in lieu of travelling abroad. I’m not a baseball hat kind of girl, so have been channeling ‘50’s style and rocking a headscarf! I remembered a navy silk scarf with fruits and flowers that I had seen in a local antique store a year ago, and went after it. It was still there!

With the start of a new month, the heat and humidity has abated. The A/C is off, and the windows are open. Evenings are cool enough that a topper has become useful, and pants once again comfortable. I’m looking forward to wearing items that have gone unworn in the past 3 months. On my shopping list, sunglasses and some light gloves since I have Raynaud’s and my hands run cold.

Has the pandemic reshaped the way you look at accessories and other accoutrements? Is September a time of seasonal change where you live?

#1-3 masks
#4 bags in rotation
#5 new wallet
#6-7 scarves
#8-#9 outfits typical of WIW in August

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