You're rocking your challenge! How fab!

You look stunning in #1, Suz. Mr. Suz has got to love date nights at home!!! I love the new scarf...desperately want it too! The ensemble in #7 is fabulous----it's polished and trendy and looks very comfortable too. Rock on!

Great looks Suz. You have nailed the proportions perfectly. #1 is my favourite. Those pants are amazing on you.
I am an autumn girl. So looking forward to cooler weather. Not cold. Not hot. No wonder they called me Goldilocks when I was little. It has to be just right.

The CM sleeveless top has magical powers on you. It really shows off your gorgeous shoulders. If I were Angie I'd give both of the outfits with that top a K to the power of K rating.

What Angie said :-). I've been busy and haven't been able to comment much, but wow Suz - this is fantastic! Love all the outfits.

That floaty tank is amazing on you.

Haven't looked at the comments but to me #1 is fantastic. All of these are, actuallym and the black/white suits you as it's dramatic but not too much high color contrast somehow. Just inspiring!

Wow! Just stunning outfit combos, Suz.! You look so comfortable with your style.