I ended my shopping fast at the end of July but took another week or two to start shopping. Now I don’t want to stop.

1) Furla bag. Bought second hand off Trade Me- like EBay. I find two tone shoes and bags really useful. Love the structured bag for a change. I was thinking of a tote and was very close to buying one but saw this and snapped it up.
2) Noa Noa blouse. Colour is called fog and an eyelet pattern. I will mostly wear for work - it works well with the new bag and black pants. Also with a skirt, my rust culottes and jeans. On heavy sale/ discount.
3) Kristin Magrit linen jumpsuit. I have been eyeing this up for a while. Thick linen so quite good all year. I have experimented with flat sneakers and with heeled sandals. It looks good with a jacket over and with or without the belt. Inspiration partly from Jenn and Karen13- pleased to see Jessikams also has a similar but different one.
4) Allbird tree runners. Will wear for low impact gym and for walking and weekend. Jon is a fan of the wool runners and I thought I would try the bamboo ones.

On my 30 additions for the year I am getting perilously close with 5 spots remaining. I still want a couple of work pieces ( probably loafers, trousers and another blouse) plus I would like some bootcuts and a long sleeve beach cover up.

I plan to do my wardrobe changeover in about a months time- it is the worst part of winter here now with rain storms and everything is sodden. The light is changing though. While our winters are mild they can be dreary with few holidays in them. Definitely looking forward to longer evenings and some clear skies.