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I’m going in early for my August post because I’ve already taken a few outfit pics this month and don’t want to overload the post. I will do another one in September to mark the end of winter and that will wrap up these monthly posts.

I am really enjoying my winter wardrobe! It’s working for both my everyday needs and my dressier needs.

I also seem to be getting better at second hand shopping, which is a goal. I scored a number of good buys this winter from consignment and local flea markets. Both seem to have a more curated and less overwhelming selection than my local thrift stores.

Here are a few outfits. As always, I have provided a bit of random commentary on each. Feel free to skip.

I always appreciate comments

Pic 1: Celine(!) wide leg pants. I got them 2 years ago for a “last available item” price on Yoox. They were too big for me but I kept them anyway because I love them. Anyhow, I finally had them altered last year and the alterations did not go well. Sigh. Too short, too tight. But this year I let them down again and lost some weight, so they are now wearable. Yay! I wore them with my waterfall cardigan as a wrap top and resurrected camel jacket. The bag is a second hand (consignment) buy. I enjoyed this but felt that it didn’t have enough casual and/or unexpected elements. A bit too business like. I was wearing stompy boots and an upcycled chain mail necklace (from Etsy) but those elements were subtle (by my standards). So…

Pics 2-3: Next try for Celine. This time with a turtleneck top and my long tan jacket. The long over long silhouette felt a bit more unexpected. I piled on beads for some colour, shine and texture, as well as to tie in the jacket. I think beads are a very underrated accessory. This felt a bit funkier.

Pics 4-6: Speaking of beads. Here I wore 3 different types of beads in a mixture of gold, teal, dark green and light blue. The top is my glittery mesh top layered over a light teal cotton top, for a blackened, glimmering effect.

Pics 7-8: Brushstroke pattern mix. I wore my extreme baggy jeans with an old knit top (purchased @Loehmanns NYC 2009). I liked the way the brushstroke pattern of the top echoed the patina of my jeans. I love repeated motifs.

Pics 9-10: Glimmering plaid. I layered my metallic green knit top over a bronze metallic rib top. Textured double glimmer. I wore fingerless gloves to extend the bracelet sleeves of the knit and amp up the dark romantic vibe. I don’t think this outfit will have many forum friends but I wanted to show how I altered the plaid skirt. It originally had an elastic waist band with gathers around the waist. I find that style unflattering but it’s everywhere. I removed the waist band, put long darts in the front then reinserted the waist band. It sits flat at the front now but it’s still gathered at the back. Compare pic 11, pre-alteration, from last year. (I didn’t do a great job matching the pattern at the darts.) I think it’s better, don’t you?

Pics 12-13: Shabby gold. The shabby part is the jeans, in case you were in any doubt The jacket is a bargain Versace that I picked up about 4 years ago from Yoox. The handbag is a second hand (consignment) buy. The big ring is a second hand (flea market) buy. It cost $1! There is something thrilling and very modern about wearing a Versace jacket with a second hand $1 ring. I wore this to Barbie. No pink, but I made an effort.

Pic 14: Copper dark romance. Since Angie posted about mesh tops, here is my most recent wear of my dark floral mesh top. It’s a favourite that I’ve had for several years. It’s sheer, so I can manipulate the undertone of the top with different underlayers. With a black underlayer it looks very gothic. I’ve also worn it with red and aubergine. Here I wore it with a copper top underneath for a softer look. I also wore a copper metallic skirt underneath my black lace skirt. (The shimmery copper underskirt is more obvious in person, winter light makes it hard to photograph.) I wore my dark floral coat over this when outdoors (no photo).

Pics 15-16: Bronzed ‘n’ beaded. My bronze jeans have been a surprise success story this winter. Almost a workhorse. I don’t feel conspicuous wearing them during the day anymore. The handbag is embroidered velvet. Another second hand purchase from a local flea market. I loaded up with beads again for texture, texture, texture. The beads are a mixture of flea market and fair trade purchases. The tee is also a soft metallic.

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