They are so pretty on you. I like how they look like a classic pump but in a flat. I saw them the other day and made a mental note to try them on.

They are lovely Angie! Did you purchase a back-up pair?

Very pretty! They suit you perfectly.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Quite the score. My toes are tickled.

Lindalu, thinking about a back-up pair soon.

Firecracker, you are observant. The plan is to go to Lisbon this year.

Colette, exactly. Flat pumps. Hope they work for you too.

Suntiger, I suspect they won't

So pretty! I'm tempted but I tend to make bad decisions when I buy shoes out of season. I need to remember what I have, both outfits and shoes, and see what I feel like wearing.

Sara, it's good to buy in season for precisely those reasons.

Huzzah! I live in ballet flats when not at work, so am always on the hunt for a new pair. Adding to the wishlist!

Yay, Gretchen. Which ballet flats have worked for you?

Aren't those classic and elegant in their simplicity? I love them on you.

High five on spring footwear. I just purchased two pairs of white shoes (one a comfy PLV pointy toed flat and the Rebecca Minkoff shooties from NAS). It is going to be awhile, but they will be fun when it gets warmer and drier. White shoes take a beating, so I update a bit more frequently.

Angie, some examples below. I'm lucky that my feet aren't that picky. Off the top of my head, I have shoes from M Gemi, Louise et Cie, J Crew, and Rothys. All have made it through airport runs and days with unplanned long walks while traveling.

They look good! As per usual, I’ve been ordering sandals..

Gretchen, thank you. I love your flats! Classic, pretty and chic.

JAileen, you crack me up.

Oooh! I just tossed a pair of nude pumps that were worn and was browsing for a replacement. I was thinking pump, but a flat could actually be a better choice. I have a burgundy flat and leopard flat but nothing light.... These could be perfect!

I am curious: Would a white shoe give a similar “leg lengthening” effect when worn with a skirt/dress as a nude shoe? I am quite pale and most nudes are a bit darker than my skin...

So happy for your find!

You don't strike me as an impatient person.

80s fabness! And very graceful on your dainty feet. There's nothing like a pointy ballet flat in my book and yes - they are the ideal mix of 60s and 80s, like Audrey Hepburn going to a Duran Duran concert.

Love pointy toe flats,-and these are fab- thus for me they should have a small (of 1") heel or wedge. I cannot walk in complete flats!:-(((

Lovely and worth the wait! I really like that the sole is brown rather than black; For me, it can be hard to pair white shoes with warm colours when the sole is a cool colour. These look so versatile.

I found my perfect flats this summer, after years of waiting and wearing my old ones out way beyond their time!

Love toe cleavage on flats too!

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the kind words.

AJ, with some things I am very impatient....

Laura, YES. You get me

Nemosmom, I prefer white and blush shoes to nude. Good bookending and for leg lengthening on bare legs because my skin is pale. Personally I prefer the crisp punch of white to nude because it works better with my wardrobe. Nude is too subtle.

Advan, I like the brown sole too. Soft and versatile.

Oh...I LOVE them ! Congrats. A HEWI comes home.


Hi Angie ! I read your blog everyday..but I haven't been participating. But I really miss it. And it's always nice to "see " all the veterans on here. XXXXXXXXX

Isabel, thanks for the ongoing YLF support. Treat to see you post.