All good things come to those who are patient. Honestly, you'll get exactly what you want if you just relax into it.... and wait. Wait for years if you have to. (I'm not a patient person - but I am very patient with my style, and it has paid off).

Ballet flats are hard to fit. Most of the time they are too wide, flat, uncomfortable, unsupportive, or fall off my feet. Or they fit and look too sporty and casual for my taste. Or they fit and give me foot cramp. I don't need a lot of arch support, but my low volume feet need shoes that don't feel too close to the ground. I am as picky as ever.

I LOVE the look of a pointy toe ballet flat because it's dressy, dainty, classic, elegant to my eye, versatile, and Modern Retro - a little '60s and a lot of '80s. I love the way they work with midi dresses too.

After years of not finding ballet flats that look dressy and go the distance, last year I accidentally stumbled across a pink suede pair at BR that fit perfectly and are really comfy. I duplicated in red. On sale, and wore them a lot with dresses and some Summer skirts. I wish they had come in white.....

And out of the blue these white Sam Edelman flats find me this year. And SE flats don't usually work - too flat, wide and hard. But these looked better, so I ordered them. They fit my narrow feet perfectly. Comfy, soft, cushioning, well made, and I think they will go the distance. I have really long toes so toe cleavage is inevitable. I don't mind it one bit.

Summer shopping in January. It's going to be months before I can wear them. I like to stock up early and be done