So I'm a bit confused so thought maybe you all can help me. Here are my details
Shoulders: 36 in
Bust: 32 in
Waist: 25 in
Hips: 35 in
If I take shoulders into consideration I'm hourglass.
If I take bust into consideration I'm pear.
Height: Between 5'1 and 5'2 ft.
Vertical proportions:
Bust to natural waist line is shorter than waistline to hip which makes me short waisted.
What my query is that all over they say if you are short waisted you should avoid high rise pants. But I'm a petite person and I find that I'm uncomfortable in low or mid rise..rather it sort of makes my legs look more short in photos. Should I be avoiding high waist skirts or denims etc..? What are some standard things I should follow while shopping if I'm a short waisted petite woman to make myself look balanced & tall with my clothes and style?