I am into bags, finding them both utilitarian and a big part of my outfits. I usually keep them for years and try to tend them for longevity.

In the last 5 years or so, it seems that fewer bags have protective feet, including bags that are an investment for me. Some have a strip of leather, but many with a wide bottom surface area have no protection at all. While I am careful with where I perch any bag, there are times when one must rest on a surface I wouldn't have chosen. Am I alone in my frustration over this? Has anyone had a shoemaker add feet? I am trying to figure out if that works if one has to go through the inner lining of the bag (another feature I care about). Maybe the effect of the feet is minimal anyways and I should take it off my preference list.

May it be the biggest worry any of us ever have...

Thanks for any ideas.