Hi Angie and the YLFabbers! So I've been looking for a great cognac short bootie for casual wear for a couple months now. I loved the casual fall "uniform" you posted recently wearing your short cognac boots with your black/white plaid shirt and white jeans, etc. I want to recreate this type of look for me among other looks.

To complicate things, I have low volume feet/fussy feet. So, after much looking, I recently ordered both of these (see below) and I actually like both although neither are *perfect*! The Clarks are quite comfy but are a little more reddish than what I envisioned and I'm wondering how much of a problem this will be as I try to work them into various outfits. The Aldos are not quite as comfy but are not bad at all--i can wear them fine (especially if I add an insert). The color is nice from the standpoint that it is multi-toned (for lack of a better term) and I like that look. But, although they are named "Cognac" they are significantly darker than what I was looking for.

So, I'm wondering about your all's thoughts on the "Color of Cognac" in terms of versatility, etc. I have dark brown hair and "winter" coloring. I wear a lot of black, grey, navy, white and brights.

Do you all have any thoughts on this or any other observations about which of these boots you like better (and why)? I am all for being picky but at this point I would like to make a decision on one of these because the weather is turning such that I really am needing/wanting to wear them!

Thanks in advance for your input.

Aldo Toole
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