I need help figuring out my body type. I know that most people are typically a combination of body types, but I still can't quite figure out mine.

If I measure the circumference I'm:

41" shoulders

35" bust

29" waist

~42" hips (maybe 42 1/2")

If I just measure the width, I'm:

17" shoulders

12 1/2" bust

11" waist

17" hips

My shoulders, hips, and waist tell me I'm an hourglass, but then I've got my smaller bust that throws it off. I feel like I tend towards a pear because I have a large bottom, but if I look at myself straight on I'm not a pear at all. I wear petite small tops and usually 6-8 size bottoms.

So am I an hourglass? Or something totally different?