My previous favorite pair were BCBG pointy toed stilettos, with about a 3 1/2" heel. Might have been 4" but that was about 10 years ago and before both pregnancies/kids. They were replaced with another BCBG pair, but slingbacks, and a lower heel at about 2 1/2".

I never felt they fully filled that gap though, as they felt too seasonally specific - I didn't like wearing them in the winter.

The elastic on the slingback strap is wearing out, and the toe is getting scuffed beyond wearability, so I'm finally going to replace them. My question, as asked in the forum title, is what to get?

My job is technically a desk job, but I'm up and walking about quite a bit so they do have to be somewhat comfortable by my personal standards. I'll probably wear them at least once a week. I can wear a fairly high heel if the heel itself is thicker, but the narrower it gets, the less height I can handle. Not sure I want to commit to a kitten heel though, that seems like it needs to be a completely separate shoe purchase, not my standard black pump. I do love a classic pointy toe, but with my rock and roll bent and love of vintage, should I go with a more rounded toe for a while? I'm most likely going to get a matte black, but there is quite a bit of patent out there. Would that be to restrictive as far as which outfits I could wear them with? I'm even almost tempted to go with a mary jane style, but I already have a pair of lace-up oxford platforms, so that might be too repetitive, and will not fill the gap of a classic black heel.

Since Angie may not get back to me right away, I'd love to hear others thoughts and opinions too. What kind of black heel should I buy?