I've been thinking of a suit off and on for a bit - a trouser one (yes...I seem to be falling in love with trousers!) and really wanted navy instead of black or grey.

I found this petite Anne Klein one on the Nordstrom website. I love the look of the fabric, the simplicity of the trouser style and the slightly unexpected touches on the jacket (i.e. pockets). It's classic in shape but has a modern twist too I think.

Suits are typically a fairly big ticket item and given that my size seems to be fluctuating a fair bit, I don't want to spend a ton in case it doesn't fit in 6 months time. Trousers can be taken in to some degree if I'm fortunate to lose some weight, but jackets are more difficult as you know. This suit is on deep discount and quite affordable but I don't want to pull the trigger if the style isn't right.

Would love to hear your thoughts!