As a lot of us on this forum I was in love with this ensemble. Interestingly the same BR vest which was featured in his post was already on its way to me but in white. It came and I am very tempted to keep it. However as it is a pretty expensive piece (even on sale it is $250) I am thinking hard if I really can justify keeping it.
I need to do a photo session soon but for now my question is - how versatile a white moto vest would be (because this is the color I got).
Most likely I would wear it with sleeved tops as I get too cold when my forearms are bare. White out is a no brainer and also wearing it over a column of black but what else? Most of my summer wardrobe is white/cream, light pink, light blue, light grey (bottoms only), navy, a bit of black with some brighter colors like yellow, cobalt and orange.
Angie, would the white moto vest fit into you wardrobe and how would you style it? We have pretty similar style preferences so I hope if it works for you it should work for me
Thanks in advance!:-)