I have noticed a plethora of unusual heels within the past year, ranging from very angular to very curved, even cylindrical. What do you think the longevity of this trend will be? I ask because I found a pair of Stuart Weitzman knee-high boots with such a heel at the Rack for roughly half off, and they actually fit my 12" calves and don't have too high of a shaft (even if I can find the rare boot that fits in the calf, it almost always has too high of a shaft).

I love the color of the boot, and they look good on (I tried them in a half size smaller at my local Rack) and I know that SW is excellent for quality. But I'm not sure whether the heel will look dated in a few years. I am overspending myself even at the $430 price tag, but due to my calf situation, I have to buy boots when I find them. I can't afford full-price SWs, so I have to get them on sale.

Do you think this is worth spending the money on? Or will the heel go out of style soon, relegating these to the back of my closet?

ETA: I should mention that I do prefer a classic heel over the curved heel of the SWs, but due to the near impossibility of finding knee-high boots to fit me, I am not going to be overly picky about this. If the heel isn't going to make the boot look dated in a few years, I'm OK with it.

UPDATE: I got the larger size a couple of days ago, and it is too big. My foot flops around inside, making it very fatiguing to walk, and even with some thick ball-of-foot inserts, my foot still moves around enough to make these not the most comfortable, and certainly not worth the $430 price tag. The $200 smaller size is a better fit, but they feel off also--the last seems to be for a narrower foot (I can feel the narrowness in the larger size too; it's just not as obvious). Is it worth trying to have these stretched in the instep (which is where it's tight)? I have no experience with stretching shoes in the width. The material is suede, so I'm guessing it will stretch OK. Advice is welcome.