Angie - silhouettes and fabrications aside, what are you seeing for Fall colour trends? I haven't seen enough yet here to get a firm idea ,(and I'm behind on my reading/viewing ) and would like some input for planning my fall wardrobe.

I'm completely over burgundy and wine colours - I admittedly dipped my toe in over the last two F/W seasons with a bag, boots, scarves, a top or two and didn't feel great wearing any of what I bought. I'm up to my eyeballs in olive and navy, and while I love both colours, I'm looking to create a new vibe. I loved your pictures in a recent post showing Boden's tomato, pale blue and camel, and am thinking I could get into this colour palette. I'm not great with choosing reds - not sure how to find the right red for me - but I'm game .

I've got a pinboard going for black/camel and gold looks - which I think will be my f/w part-time job look . Any suggestions and recommendations for interesting new fall colour trends?