Angie, remember on the Boston meet up I tried on the Harper blazer from Club Monaco in light grey? The fit was excellent and your thumbs were way up.

I decided to leave it in the store because Sveta and I knew I could get it for the same price in CAD (in other words, for less money). I also thought I would wait for it to go on sale.

Well, as one of their continuing styles, I discovered that it almost never goes on sale. But it is on sale right now.

I am tempted to order but am quarrelling with myself -- will I simply split wears with the Elie Tahari Taupe (or the Reiss blue), is it going to see enough wear?

Jackets are crucial to my style, especially dressed down with denim. My very favourite outfits almost always seem to include great jeans and a great jacket. Yet in the past year, I've reached more for cardigans, especially when working at home, where I seem to crave "cozy" in winter. On the other hand, I'm about to embark on a more "outside the home" life as I return to school. Several days a week I'll be in classrooms as student. I will also be teaching again this year.

I currently own the Elie Tahari taupe (part of my suit), the Reiss navy, and the Trouve black jacket, as well as two leather jackets and two denim jackets.

The price is very reasonable.