I am salivating over all those pretty shoes. I have very fussy feet.

I describe my feet as very "meaty". So in addition to needing a wide width / bigger toe box (or I really prefer extra wide, or at least a D, although can live with a C), my insteps are very high. (I hope "high" is the right adjective? I am talking about the girth around the widest part of the feet) So sometime I have problem even fitting into a shoe even if the length/wide is OK.

I also have pretty small feet, needing a size 6 in most shoes, but typically need the girth of a size 7 to fit. I look pretty ridiculous in those round toe very low vamp shoes.

My go-to brand has been Bella Vita, their style is quite conservative and lately seems more matronly. Unfortunately, a size 6w shoe that is fashionable is hard to come by.

On top of that, I prefer a 1-3 inch heel, a complete flat is not good for my feet either. So slim pickings.. Is there a shoe brand you could recommend for the types of me? Thanks in advance!