Hi Angie! This is my first post and it's totally inspired by your fall round-up today. I'm intrigued by the quirky fabulousness of Scotch & Soda and I wanted to get a sense of their fit before I order anything. I'm generally a size 6 but have a wider waist by a couple of inches than most size charts allow for (30 inches instead of 28). Middle-aged-ness, oy! I'm 5'4", with about a 29" inseam, narrow shoulders, small bust, straight-ish hips, long arms and legs. Fit is challenging for me because of my slight belly/thicker waist on an otherwise small frame. My style is a bit rocker/hippie/minimalist and I usually have good luck fit-wise at Banana Republic, Gap and Loft - but I'm kinda bored with all those places.

Will S&S work for me? Are the pants super long? What size would you suggest? I like a slightly slouchy fit on top, neater on the bottom half. Thank you so much!