Hi Angie,

Today my question is about dressier knit/cotton tops. I would like my style to be Comfortably Dressy, and I need to add more comfortable tops to my wardrobe that offer the comfort of a t-shirt but look more like a blouse.

However, I need to be sure that I understand what 'dressier' tshirts are first. Many Fabbers have recommended silk tees and I will try to find these.

As per my understanding, dressier tees have prints or other detailings like ruchings, puffed sleeves or metallic shoulder detailing, with a better drape. I don't think stripes and checks are dressy. But I think floral prints and other small prints, including polka dots and animal prints, are dressy. Am I correct?

Could you please also show me a few examples of dressy tees so I know exactly what to look for?

Thank you in advance. Have a great day!