Hi there,

I am hoping Angie (or others in the know) can help me some guidelines to how sweaters should fit? I know there are many different looks to sweaters, so for this purpose, I mean, a classic crew or v-neck merino or cashmere sweater, and a classic fit.

I'm asking because I feel a couple of my sweaters might have shrank a touch in the wash and I'm wondering if they are looking too tight now. Also, because I have a slight IT tendency, often if the shoulder seam is perfect, the body is loose and vice versa and wondering which to sacrifice in favour of the other, when needed.

I've seen tips for men that recommend 1 - 2 inches of fabric on either side of the rib cage, depending on whether you want a slim or looser fit, but haven't found a similar rule of thumb for women.

Appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!