Hello,first time post here.

Looking to buy an outfit in the style of Raul Julia (Actor) from the movie Addams Family. (See links and pictures)
I've Googled, but only found cheap Halloween versions of his outfits. Was thinking something classy and stylish that
doesn't look cheezy or cheap, but more like the real thing.

This is something that could be worn on Halloween, but the idea is also to look for something that could suit my career
as a composer of classical and orchestral music. Where could you go to buy something in the style of the outfits used in
Amadeus (movie from the 80's about Mozart)?

Link for pics: http://cloud2.zoolz.com/s-eVO9QqgH

P.S. I wrote an earlier post about this topic, but only the subject line appeared and the text I wrote disappeared. So there's a post with only a subject line posted by me under the topic "dressing".