With fall dressing becoming the fashion focus, I have footwear on my mind, as it is the crucial point for me when putting outfits together. I am aware that the most current boots and pants combo involves higher shaft booties worn with cropped straight or kick flare jeans. However, there are still plenty of booties, with shorter, regular height shaft around and I am curious about what are the best ways to wear them in 2016 regarding pant hems, assuming ubiquitous skinny/relaxed skinny/slim straight pant cuts. Some options would be:
1. With full length skinnies, scrunched
2. With full length skinnies, folded under for a neat look, no skin showing
3. With skinnies cuffed right above the top of the booties, a sliver of skin showing
4. With cropped skinnies ending right above the boot
Which of these looks best right now, and feel free to suggest any alternatives I haven't though of. Also, a related question is what is the best way to wear regular length skinnies with booties.