Angie, have you had that Pink Flamingo Rhodes blazer on? How is the fit? I am debating this jacket -- it was sold out for a long time on the Canadian site but then popped back in, and out, and then back into stock in my size. (Pants currently out of stock but that might change).

I can't tell from the reviewers whether I'd be better in a 0 or a 2. I typically wear a 0 in shirts at J. Crew or XS in sweaters (sometimes S if I want a more fluid fit and the fit is described as "fitted.") I typically buy a 2 in their pants and it's usually pretty good on me -- occasionally a bit on the loose side, but sizing down would make it too short in rise.

With jackets, I generally try to go for the smallest comfortable (i.e. non-restrictive) size I can wear, because that size is less likely to be too long or loose in the arms or too long in the torso. You saw me in a size 0 Club Monaco jacket a couple of years ago, and I also typically fit the 0 at BR.

Also, is "pink flamingo" the same thing as "cranberry punch" at Nordstrom? There it is still in stock (if the same thing).

I'm waffling largely because returns are such a pain for me, and because I haven't been wearing my blazers as much in the past year (probably due to weather). But a fuchsia-like jacket has been a HEWI of mine for 3 years, so it's tempting. My lifestyle seems increasingly casual right now but that will likely change again in a year or two. Still, by then it might be hopelessly dated so no point buying for a future that may not come.