So to follow Angie's blog post on Monday about being short or long waisted, I'd like to bring up my related body type question about what on earth I should look for when shopping for pants. I hope this isn't too annoying of a request - I've more or less accepted the way my body shape is, even though I may not like it, but it makes shopping for pants a royal pain.

I have a short waist (about 1 1/3 hand widths using Imogen's method that Angie also mentioned on Monday) but a very long rise (like 12 or 13" from crotch point to natural waist) and wide hips. Short legs, too. So I can't get a pair of pants where the waist will actually reach my natural waist. First, it would make my butt look huge and flat and wide. Second, it would be impossible to find right now, especially in a flattering & non-frumpy style. Third, I suspect that it would make sitting/bending way uncomfortable to have the waistband go that high.

I've been making do with pants that rest near or below bellybutton level, so about 3-5" below my natural waist, and with denim that contains a good deal of stretch. (I hope that makes sense - I have a hard time describing it.) This still gives me some muffin top if I don't "re-adjust" after bending or sitting.

Here are some pictures to illustrate (using photos that are already on my PC, but if you need a clearer shot, I can take different ones later):
1. The CM microchecks are my highest-rise pants, and the waistband of the pants is basically at the level I'm holding my top up to. You can see that my natural waist is quite a bit above the pants' waistband.
2. The waistband of my clamdiggers (and my jeans, too) are around the middle of the level of where my hand is resting on my torso.
3. The waistband on my skinny jeans is about where my second-from-the-top finger rests in this picture.

Currently I am still in between two sizes for my go-to brands for pants (Express Editor) where neither size totally works. I only have a couple pairs of jeans that fit properly and don't really have any work pants that fit 100% anymore except for one where the hem fell out on one of the legs.
The CM microchecks also seem to have stretched out a bit in the behind as well as the waist (the adjustable tabs don't stay put), so I probably need to take them to a tailor too before I wear them again. I've been living in skirts and dresses, which is okay for summer, but it's going to be cold fall weather before I know it, so I'll need to stock up on at least one more pair of pants and jeans.

Apologies that this is so long, and my sincere thanks if you are able to help.