Hi Angie,

I have completed a big spring closet cleaning and decided that it is finally time to deal with huge amount of various waist defining tops I have had sitting in a holding zone for a while. Now that waist definition is back in style, I figured it is time to either wear those tops again or let them go. I assume that I will let the huge majority go anyway.

The biggest group I have are various knitted tops. I have attached photos of two of old favorites, both faux-wraps, but there are many more. The main criterion in my purging is the current-ness of the shape. In the spring trend post you mentioned that tailored shapes are in, but bodycon is not. For most clothing items I have no trouble distinguish between the two, but for fitted knitted tops I do and am quite confused. More over, in your recent spring capsule post some of the tops ( attached in Finds) were called fitted and classic. One of them is an INC surplice and does not look any different to me in terms of how fitted it is from my old ones.
So what is the difference/criterion here between dated bodycon knitted tops and (presumably) classic fitted ones?

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