OK Suz, make up my mind for me - light blue, indigo or pink? I have "our" indigo merino tunic, lavender and lilac sweaters, blush tipped cashmere sweater, navy Tippi and boxy t-neck...which color in this one?
I will order pointelle in white.

On the screen, the pink looks a bit too warm/ bright for you, I think. So I would go with one of the blues. They each have advantages. What do you think you'll want to wear them with? I am tempted to say the pale blue. How close is it to the blue of that GAP dress you have, I wonder, or your robin's egg blue jacket? I know it is not the same, but I am trying to imagine how it will look on you. The Zara jacket is a brighter, warmer blue (more spring like). The GAP dress is I think more mid-tone and also more intense, less pastel.

Either blue would look good with the plaid Mias, actually.

It is hard to say how either would or would not work with denim. Both work with black and cream/ white.

And yes, Angie -- one printed grey sweatshirt is probably enough for my closet.

But Sveta, speaking of exploded floral prints, I know you don't wear tees, but check this out!

I think this blue has less red in it than my Gap sweater but because it is heathered it may still work. I think I will go with the light blue - I think blues are easier for me to get working than pinks without trying on. Thanks!

I agree with that, Sveta. I think that's the best choice! Good luck with the order. And now, you temptress, you may have persuaded me to pop a few items in my own cart....

Including a boys' sweater!!!

He-he, this is a revenge for that cropped sweatshirt which somehow happened in my cart when I was shopping for SWEATERS ;-0
The tee pattern is nice - but it is grey and it is TEE. I really cannot wear them and feel fab
Order placed