Hi everyone, hi Angie!

I'm going to be in California in a couple of weeks to visit family and would like to place a small Nordstrom order to have shipped to their house (can return at the Sacramento store). I'm 5'8", hourglass tending pear, 175lbs, long torso, broad shoulders, not-long neck, size M-L in BR and Gap, 10/L at JCrew.

I'm eyeing the items below for my casual work wardrobe: layered Trouve sweater in grey, the Pleione mixed media tunic in raspberry or indigo, the sleeved and sleeveless Pleione wrap blouses in prints (probably blue-based), the Pleione split-neck blouse, and the drape-front vest.. Any tips on fit and sizing?

I tried an older version of the Pleione mixed media blouse and the shoulders were too narrow in a large, so I'm leaning XL on that one, does that sound right?

Also, is there anything resembling the long-gone ink blue VC ruched pencil skirt kicking around? I'm specifically looking for a blue midi to replace my black one.