This winter I am determined to find a coat that fulfills the following functions:

1) Can be worn over dressy clothes in the evening and in the day.
2) Can be worn over jeans to "lift" an everyday outfit
3) Works well with black but is not black
4) Not too warm or heavy (I have two wool coats and a puffer).
5) Suits my shape

My current coat/gear collection is (the second half are really gear, but there is some cross over given the amount of time I spend on the sports sideline).

1) Cream and grey plaid wool coat (vintage)- hip length
2) Tweed brown wool knee length cost- knee length, quite tired.
3) Khaki parka with black leather trim ( I am not in love with this because the colour is awful on me and it is too big...)
4) Purple puffer bomber
5) Coral and purple ski jacket
6) Turquoise rain coat

I thought a cream trench would suit me well (or tomato red). I have struggled to find one on NZ websites. Brooklyn pointed me in the direction of a couple of Australian retailers, but in the end I ordered one from ASOS (good price, and English people wear a lot of coats) It is too tight in the bust, but a great fit in the shoulders, hips and waist. it will be returned. But DH made a comment - "this style might suit a straighter shaped person to give them shape, I am not sure that it is the right shape for you."

Our climate is temperate. I will wear a coat from late April to October on some days - often a parka or leather jacket and merino will be enough.

There have been several occasions over the last couple of years where my coat has let me down so I am determined to get it right.

I don't have pics of my current coats as I don't really adore the first three - I do like the gear ones.

What direction would you be pointing me in for a coat to meet my needs? NZ has a wonderful range of puffers and gear coats, but dressy coats are harder to find. I would look at a US retailer if I was confident on sizing, and possibly a spring weight coat is what I need.

Thanks in advance.