Having finally worn the famous gilet out of the house, I now want to wear it all the time. Alas, I live in a (brrrrrr) cold (brrrr) climate. And I know many of the other forum gilet owners do as well.

I experimented with this gilet and I know I can successfully layer it over wool and cashmere sweaters of various hefts; denim jacket; leather jacket (and leather jacket with pullover worn over a shirt). It also works with a big scarf or muffler. And all these are ways of extending its season well into November...if I am lucky.

But. I would like to find ways of wearing into winter in my climate.

At the moment, I don't have a coat that is long enough to cover it. It comes to just below my knee. So that would mean a midi-coat.

Do you think it would work with a wool coat over it, or would that be too bulky and stiff? I really wonder. Am considering whether that lovely CM coat would work with it.

Another option I'm considering is a longer trench. Especially when I move to a more temperate climate, the trench would extend the gilet's wear right through the winter for me (with the right under layers). And it might not feel as bulky or uncomfortable as a wool coat on top of a wool coat (which is sort of what gilet-under-coat would be). Plus -- bonus -- I could wear the gilet on rainy days. But I haven't seen one I love yet. (Not that I have looked very hard, to be honest.)

So. Am I crazy to want to find ways of wearing this piece all winter long, or should I simply accept that it's best for fall and spring in my part of the world and let it be (and wear the heck out of it while I can, and then wear the heck out of my other beautiful clothes in their own season)?

How are you going to (or are you going to) wear your gilet in the winter time?