I had to go buy shoes for work yesterday. I got sick to death with sore feet/toes/ankles/heels. Yesterday, it was toes and heels and ankles. Saturday, it was balls of feet. Some days, it's arches. I am over it, at least for work where I spend many many hours on my feet on concrete.

So I came home last night and started tossing shoes in a pile. I started with my newest sneakers (pic 1). I've worn them twice, and both times have left me with abrasions on my ankles and heels in various spots. They were also pinching my toes together. I was so disgusted that I stopped and bought a pair of the new Skechers arch fit sneakers for work. It SUCKED to drop a wad of cash on something for work, but happy feet are a must.

When I got home, I started taking pics of shoes and tossing them in a pile. I'm only on the fence about 3 pairs. I'm not going to tell you which ones I'm on the fence about, because I want your unbiased opinion. My descriptions will probably give hints, but I won't outright say "I hope you say these can stay"; even the ones i truly love and want to keep won't make me cry if they get voted off the island.

* Franco Sarto oxfords/brogues. The footbed itself is rather comfortable, and the leather is nice and soft. However, they squish my toes.
* Next up, some gorgeous Charles David pumps. Beautiful champagne satin with 3D flowers on them. Total impulse buy. Impractical for my lifestyle, because that beautiful pale satin will stay neither beautiful nor pale out here where I love (too much dirt that makes too much mud when it rains, so much dust when it's dry).
* my Bates tactical boots. They're beat, honestly. I love them, but they're a smidge too tight and have no arch support. I'll eventually replace them with a wide width pair that leaves room for an insert for my arches.
* these ridiculous boots. They make me laugh, because they are a good example of Rachy's appalling color. They're just not practical, though. Faux suede will not keep water out if it's muddy, and all that fake hair is going to be a lint/leaf/trash magnet. They are a wide width, but only barely. Also? No arch support.
* Charles David ankle boots. The color is sublime, sold as a grey color but really lavender tones IRL (hence the TWO pics, one for the shoe, one for the color). I like them a lot, but they're not exactly the most comfortable and they're not exactly easy to get on and off my feet.
* another Charles David. I really like these, and they're not uncomfortable. They have reasonable arch support, the straps don't cause abrasions or blisters, there's enough room for my toes. These look a bit off to me, maybe because my toes leave so much exposed insole? Also, I have 2 other pairs of light colored sandals, would I split wears?
* Nine West ankle boots. I really like them and they're not uncomfortable, but I have other light colored ankle boots and I'm splitting wears with these in my shoe collection.
* Need repair, haven't bothered to try to find a shoe repair place. They're gorgeous, and actually have good arch support plus they don't pinch my toes.
* Jessica Simpson OTK boots. Unworn, total impulse buy. I can think of a million things I already own that I can wear them with, but will they cause me to split wears? Also, I'm 50 years old. Can I get away with these?

Any thoughts any of you have about any of these shoes is greatly appreciated.

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