In the middle of catching up on work and took a quick break to look at the forum, and found myself surfing a shopping site or two, just to check out what is new for fall, since I've been out of the shopping loop since July.

It got me wondering, is there some new denim I should consider to freshen my collection for this coming fall and winter (and beyond)? It's too hot here in the summer to wear jeans much, so I'll be turning to my denim shelf more in a few weeks when things cool off. I have a couple old reliable pairs of skinnies/straights, a couple of boyfriends, and a couple of flare/bootcuts, all in mid- to dark blue washes. I also have skinnies in white and cream (rarely worn, especially since the white ones are a bit snug at the moment), grey, and black. Also a pair of grey/black houndstooth skinnies, a grey/black small jacquard print pair, and the Jolt dark green/blue/black plaid ones. I even have a neglected couple of pairs of waxed skinnies (very dark green and eggplant, the eggplant ones are a smidge snug now too).

With all of that, it seems I have no lack of things to wear on my bottom half this winter ;-), but should I be considering some new style that I'm missing? Something that would suit my style and body type? I was thinking of adding some burgundy jeans since they would play well with my wardrobe, but I'm always on the lookout for something new and different. Well, as different as I can get away with, at least, considering that my bottom half is the most difficult part of me to fit and flatter. Any ideas?

A complicating factor is the current trend toward high rises -- they are very difficult for me to wear. If I'm better off sticking with what I have now, I'll continue taking good care of all my mid- and low-rise jeans so they last out the trend!