I just had an underwire pop through the fabric of a bra and cause a lovely bloody spot where the wire dug into my skin all day at work. This is not the first time it's happened to me, and I'm over it.

I want wire free bras, but not sports bras because monoboob is not my thing. I don't want a lot of padding, I certainly don't NEED padding, but I'm ok with very light/thin padding if need be. I actually wash all my bras by hand, so I'm not concerned about care instructions. I don't even know what kind of budget I have, but I'm willing to spend if I find something that works for me. Another couple of weeks and I'll be financially stable again after moving and then missing a whole week of work pretty much wiped out my reserves. I can buy one at a time until I have a collection of nice wire free bras; I have a few target ones that will suffice in the meantime.

So, hit me with your recommendations. Good brands, good websites, good ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks. I'll go to the "a bra that fits" subreddit and measure myself because that's how I FINALLY got myself into the right size bra after I gained all that weight and I've now lost 20 pounds of it. Id rather not go to a store for a bra fitting right now, because I'm very afraid of close contact with other people. My job is risky enough, selling produce to countless strangers, half of whom won't wear a dang mask.

Any and all help, thoughts, commiseration, ideas, brand/site recommendations, advice are all appreciated. YLF's superpower is the knowledge and experience of the hive mind of fab fashionistas and style;-Dprofessionals