Hi all,

For some reason I started looking up articles about dated items that need to be tossed. I am wondering what you ladies think - are these dated, classic, or still stylish? What would need to be added to the list?

For women, some items mentioned were:

  • square-toed shoes a la late 90s
  • infinity scarves (I just bought a huge knit one for winter and I don't care if it's dated; it's warm and stays on!)
  • wedge booties (a la Toms, I believe)
  • waterfall cardigans
  • elastic waisted jeggings (definitely passed this one by the first time!)
  • bubble necklaces
  • cowl necks
  • rounded-toe pumps with that hidden stack/platform at the front (no idea what that's called - do you know what I mean?)
For men, some items mentioned were:
  • Square toe shoes (the one item on both lists)
  • Long cargo shorts
  • the first wave of dressy sneakers (many looked vaguely like bowling shoes!)
  • boot cut jeans
  • dress shoes with jeans (I don't see why this would be out, if the jeans and the shoes are relatively up-to-date?)
What say you YLF???