We spent a week in SE Arizona, on a birding tour. I don’t have any pictures of my outfits. Everyday I wore Columbia everyday nylon hiking pants, Salomon hiking shoes, a Tilley hat, and then various tees. It was ostensibly a hummingbird tour, but you’ll notice I have practically no pictures of them. Those little devils are fast! They had had a tremendous monsoon season. The B&B owner told us the rushing creek by our room had been dry for three years. The wildflowers were gorgeous. We got as high as 8400 feet in elevation, and it reminded me of the Rockies. After suffocating in wildfire smoke for the past few weeks, the clean air was delightful.

1 Black chinned hummingbird
2 Acorn woodpecker
3 Great horned owl, possibly juvenile
4 Acorn woodpecker and his work
5 Roadrunner
6 possibly a broad tailed hummingbird
7 Northern beardless Tyrannulet
8 wildflowers
9 wildflowers
10 wildflowers
11 rain in the distance
12 Lilian’s meadowlark - subset of eastern meadowlark
13 Varied bunting
14 cactus in the desert
15 Cloudless sulphur butterflies
16 rainbow
17 we went to the desert for a gilded flicker - hot hot hot
18 tarantula
19 Cactus wren
20 Mohave rattlesnake
21 wildflowers
22 wildflowers
23 wildflowers
24 Cardinal
25 border with Mexico
26 lichen
27 Montezuma Pass in Coronado Nat’l Monument - 6500 feet in elevation
28 Montezuma Pass
29 Montezuma Pass
30 Figeater beetle
31 looking, looking, looking

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