Hello my name is gryffin and I am a type A. LIke the boy scouts, I am always prepared! I am one of those people who always likes to be prepared in life in general, and in my wardrobe in particular. That translates into buying things I might need before an event arises. I do have less used capsules - formal, cocktail, business, religious/funeral organized and all ready to go, and I build redundancy into the system (back ups, multiples of things I love). My most glaring '"pre-buy" to date was the tadashi shoji black pintuck and lace gown. No, I currently do not have any black tie events on the horizon. But the last time I did I wore a 20 yo black laundry halter dress, which while still lovely and fitting well, the material has lost it's stretch a bit, the neck needs to be pinned for security. I felt good but not stellar. I remember a fabber ( sorry I cannot find your post! or remember who wore it) who chose this dress for her son's (I think) wedding. Of course it's hard to justify full price when I don't know when I will wear the dress but it went on sale at bloomies for $257 and I bought immediately. It fits perfectly in the petite without hemming and now I can relax that I have something lovely and won't be tempted to rush and buy something I will never enjoy for an event. It met all my criteria - black, sleeveless, high necked, covered but sexy, elegant, all seasons, good for dancing. Viva had recently posted that she returned a beautiful gown and was going to get the same dress from "rent the runway" for her daughter's wedding https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....tive-story She makes such good sense that this dress would sit unused in her closet and I applaud her wisdom. OTOH, for me, being prepared means never having to freak out, worry, or waste money on something that "will do" for an occasion even if it's utility is limited. So I was interested, are you someone who is "always prepared" and preshops to have that perfect outfit in the wings, or do you deal with the unexpected as it comes up or rent if an ultra dressy outfit is needed?