If you are, please feel free to skip this post.
This was the first year I did the preselection. I'm glad I did, because a couple of the things I got were the last of my size.
I ended up with a lot of sweaters and tops, mostly in a looser more fluid fit. A couple of booties, and a slip ons. One pair of booties and one pair of slip one were online only, so after they arrive, I'll decide which to keep. I was looking for work pants in not black, I did get a pair, but unfortunately, they were not part of NAS, but I loved they way they looked, so I bought them anyway. I also picked up a great basic tee, they feels unbelievable. Also got a loungewear refresh that will work for a beach vacation later this summer,. Picked up some bras as well- fab prices on one of my favorites from Betsy Johnson.
And now it's back to summer, today's the hottest day we've had all season, but I'm ready for fall.