The reactions to today's blog post was generally very positive - from afar. Comfort was a great concern with the belted blazer. YES, there is potential bunching on the midsection, and sliding of the belt. And a little more tightness on the waist when you sit down. Can't argue there - especially when you're not used to wearing belts or items that are fitted on the waist. A little or a lot of discomfort for sure.

This raised more of a general obseravation of how used we have all gotten to wearing ultra comfortable outfits - now that it's been fashionable to sport fluid and oversized fits in any wardrobe item, upscale sneakers, and cozy knits because of our age of casualization.

This is NOT a criticism at all. I love my fluid fits and won't wear uncomfortable footwear - and absolutely want you to be comfortable in your clothes too. But I also want to go back to wearing tailored items and defining my waist more often, even if it feels more restrictive. I don't want to JUST wear relaxed fits because that's too easy, if that makes sense. I'm also a little bored with stuff that fits wide.

I'm with a client for most of the day and shan't be able to get back to this thread soon. But I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Are you going to defy comfort just a little to create another type of look? I am.