Stompy. But because of the colour I think they are “pretty stompy”.

Love your outfits, Original (and Best) Angie.

Stompy because the sole is definitely big.

They are definitely stompy in my book. They suit your style because of the juxtaposition. I also think they present juxtaposition in themselves, with the rugged style and the pristine color.

I would say they are cream-colored and combat-boot-inspired :). I guess I'm feeling quite literal tonight, lol! They look great! I find lug-soled boots so comfortable; they kind of bounce when you walk, which is fun.

Thanks, everyone!

I'm happy to hear the adjective "pretty" in your descriptions. I DO like a soft and pretty vibe - Brooklyn, nice!

Jonesy, you made me laugh. Literal

Delicately stompy for sure !

Yes, stomp around the city with pride

Killer refined(as white)but surely stompy-just the perfect ones for YOU!!! Wow!!-look really fab to your girly outfit!

Suz said it perfectly! It is lovely to see you play with all your different styling options.

Dressily stompy? And I am swooning over the gilet outfit!

They look Pretty Stompy to me.

I am dying over that dress. The floral print is sublime! I think I’m going to dig some floral out of the archives and wear it today in honor of your dress.

But first, coffee.

Thanks for the thoughts and giggles, everyone!

I got the green ones, so I think it's a refined stomp (more so in the all cream colorway). You can consider it a small nod to Seattle grunge

I'm excited to wear these but it's still too warm/humid here (highs in the 70's).

Suz nailed it; I, too, think it depends on the person wearing them. These wouldn't quite be stompy for me, because I wear super chunky combat boots fairly regularly. But for you, they're pretty stompy. They don't look out of place, just a bit edgier while keeping that refined and pretty integrity you love. Love them on you.