Thumbs up for : They're great and you can definitely wear them without looking dated

Thumbs down for: No, I'd really avoid them

I was going to ask if these sandals looked "old lady", but I despise that term. What's wrong with being an old lady? Age has nothing to do with style or being fashionable, so it is a really poor word choice, but I am not sure how else to say it.

I do not think they read as matronly, but are they too... Peg Bundy? Mutton dressed as lamb? I realize that to many people they will be "ugly", but to me there's good ugly and bad ugly, and I adore shoes that fall into the good ugly category.

I've always loved unusual shoes. Dh and I are thinking of going to NOLA for our anniversary, and that's what I'd be buying them for. Not sure if I could get away with wearing them to school... Maybe if I'm unsure I should avoid them? I just need some perspective from impartial observers.