A big massive box of boots arrived from Nordstrom today - one pair is  a keeper, one is a question, and one is a hard NO.  Plus these jeans !  And a bra  Not even sure what directed me to the jeans  - some Insta or blog post from someone I guess - but they are great little jeans for not a bad price!  Lightweight denim with some stretch - not a lot though - cute little demi boot cut, nice high waist , and reasonably flattering on my short little self (I swear my legs are getting shorter and curvier, which I can't get over - what is happening to me??)  I've got the bootcuts and straights nailed down for fall, and wanted another pair of cropped mini flares (my fav silhouette after a skinny ) . 

 So - these calf-hair zebra boots: are they too weird?  I can't decide if I like them or not .  I'm all about a narrow, sleek  looking foot where possible, and think these look a bit funny from the top view down. Although no one other than me sees this view.  What do you think?  Strange? Too out there?  

The black Blondos are definitely a keeper- nice pointy toe, sleek fit, (although referring to the top as a sock top is stretching it a bit - it's not that fitted on me) , and with a cute semi-rugged sole. Plus waterproof!  I'm glad I sized up because they could not be a smidgen smaller.  Massive price reduction since I ordered, so I hope they do price adjustments on on-line orders.  

The Madewell boots were a total disappointment . I couldn't do a find  in the colour I ordered, but it's called English Saddle (or something like that).  Cheap looking, and the toe is too roundish and neither here-nor-there. I need boots to stand up and make a statement  

Tell me what you think of the stripey boots - for me  Please and thank you !

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