As you all know I shop mostly secondhand for my clothing. A big reason is that i am short with a disproportionately short torso and an even more disproportionately short rise. So, I need low-rise bottoms and they haven’t been available!

I’ve heard rumors around the forum and elsewhere that low rises are on the way back in. But by now I’m utterly devoid of any knowledge of the retail landscape!

I’m wondering if any of you who are more plugged in to which brands are offering what might suggest any promising places to look for low rise styles?

What low rise means to me:
For skinny pants up to 7.5 inches in front
Less fitted but still structured pants e.g., boyfriend jeans 8 or 8.5 inches
Loose pants like palazzos and knit joggers no more than 10 inches

Because of the height and shape of my torso I don’t have much wiggle room. The rises need to be pretty exactly what I’ve stated or they won’t work. (Repeats “I am too old to wear pants with the waistband folded over” mantra)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!