Feels like a silly question but are sweatpants/joggers actually warm? If you wear them indoors for coziness and/or outdoors for warmth in a cold climate, do you have preferred fabrics or styles that keep you warm and can pass for casual cute?
For context, I wear the style in cropped twill or linen versions for summer, but oddly enough have never really worn them in (Canadian) winter. My go-tos for winter warmth and coziness have been skinnies - stretchy jeans, cords, leggings - whether indoors or under a long coat. Which all fit close to the skin and don’t let in cold air. I am trying out joggers as an alternative and ordered a few pairs in various fabrications - some are cute, but none feel immediately warm and cozy the way my fleece leggings do. I don’t love the norm core baggy fleecy ones that I imagine would be warm. Not really looking for loungewear here, I was more hoping for something new that would be cozy around the house, but also work under a shorter coat for neighbourhood outings better than leggings do.