Hi All

April has not been my most fashionable month.......but there have been a few wardrobe related activities.

Two pairs of tights made by Nimble Activewear. Made from recycled PET bottles in Taiwan. Sustainable credentials look good - they arrived today and fit well and I like them. One was a planned addition, one was a spontaneous sale addition. Both will be well worn as an activewear update. I have been wearing more active wear due to a changed routine during this time. I felt very happy to see them arrive - my first non essential purchase in over a month......

Edited Out
Standard Issue Black Knit Jacket/Hoodie has gone to consignment. I like it but do not feel right in it. Someone else will love it!! My lesson here is that I am not good at layering, nor do I really suit it.

My plaid culottes got a stain right in the inner thigh area that looks awful and despite many attempts, I cannot get rid of it. Have gone to be cut up for rags. A shame as they were a fun statement in the depths of winter, however I was wearing them the day my Mum died so they don't make me as happy as they used to.

I am going to donate these black moto style boots. They are about six years old and in good condition- again some one will love them, but I am over them. Super comfy but just not my style. I choose sneakers or my navy boots when I want a practical good walking option.

Considered editing out but keeping
Witchery Black bell sleeve dress - it feels shorter than I want right now. But it is useful, comfortable and a good fit. I will see how much I wear it this winter.

Tangerine knit dress - this has been worn only four times in total. It is not easy to wear and quite va va voom. But I love the colour, and I like it when I look in the mirror.

I also mended two items of clothing, cleaned out all my wardrobe, sorted out my jewelry, changed up my bag storage, and sorted out my scarves. I tried on my autumn/winter clothes to see what I liked as it has been lockdown since the weather turned which led to the exit of the black jacket and boots.

Shopping will be limited for the rest of winter - I am pretty well set up for my current needs. I would like a new raincoat, a merino hoodie or cosy option to wear with jeans and possibly new sneakers as we approach spring. I was thinking of a new dress for my 50th but I think I will wear something I already have since I don't know how I will celebrate yet. But I do hope for a haircut and colour.....

I know April has a couple more days to run but things won't change for me.

I hope to get back to a few more WIW again soon.

Thanks in advance, and your thoughts re the edits are welcomed!!