Hi fabbers! It's that time of year when it feels like winter will never end and I am ready to toss all my sweaters. I am taking a couple days off work to breathe, and do a seasonal closet switchover, and thought it would be a good time for an update.

It turns out that my lifestyle in lockdown isn't much different than it was before all this. Other than shuttling kids, and the occasional errand, I rarely leave the house. I thought something was wrong with me that I couldn't figure out why my wardrobe felt 'off', and have to admit, watching others navigate their own stay home style has been strangely reassuring.

I am happy I sorted my loungewear capsule late last year. My Uniqlo black joggers have become an essential and a workhorse - 94 wears since November (split between two pairs, when I added a backup in January) and have not pilled or faded at all. I considered adding a summer-weight pair, but honestly, I have plenty of other bottoms.

Most of my purchases this year have been secondhand. A favorite addition is a funky leather trench I bought from a vintage shop in February. If the rain would stop, I would love to wear it around the block... I ordered two linen shirts from a favorite etsy shop in January, and tracking shows they landed in Chicago on March 10th. The post office is *still* looking for the package... I am not hopeful it will turn up.

I am paying more attention to fabric. A button-up shirt used to be an
essential for me. I wore them A LOT when I worked OITW, but found them too crisp/stiff for at-home life. I thrifted one in tencel, and one in
cotton/silk blend that drape nicely and can be worn almost year-round. I LOVE them.

Because donation places are closed, I'm trying to find ways to re-purpose old clothes. I accidentally felted a favorite cowl that I knitted from baby alpaca (it got mixed in with a hot water load of towels). It will be turned into fingerless mittens that should be great for crazy-early mornings on the computer. A pile of old denim will be made into a Harvey's-inspired tote similar to this one.