Late here , sorry. I have noticed your move away from retro looks and styling, and really, really, like what you've added in here. I wanted to comment on a really cool black top I thought I'd seen here - but it must be on another of your posts. Glad the purse theft wasn't any worse than it already was - that must have been really frightening. Your shorter hair cut is great too .

Thanks Lyn - the dress is old but I used to wear it without a blazer for occasions ( my parents wedding anniversary, a wedding, fancy dinners out) but have decided to dress it down and just wear it!!

Fashintern- the show is excellent and we did like it. But I do think that it suits people who don’t have access to galleries or haven’t seen the originals or want a different experience.

Thanks Suz- sometimes buying in a spree like this means pieces do work together well and are easy to wear. I am thinking of some new denim at some stage and a new cognac bag. Aside from that I am going to try and sit on my hands - or credit card!

Thanks Lisa. I used to be very drawn to retro looks - maybe it was a Mad men influence. I felt they worked better on me at 40 than 50 though. I have two or three pieces still that are retro inspired and they are largely unworn.

Ha - found the top I was thinking of in your comment on Carla's recent post. That black asymmetrical one so cool ! I want it!

Are you thinking what I am about retro looks? At some point it no longer looks like we are reaching back to reflect on cool things from the past—it looks like we are stuck in that era & can’t move on.

I am so sorry to hear about the purse snatching! I experienced an attempted purse snatching a long time ago, and it took a while for the experience to fade. I can see why you would want a new bag.

You have some fab looks here I love how you've shown two different looks featuring the same item--versatility for the win!

Thanks Lisa - I love this navy top and have found it super versatile. Hope you get something similar.

Yes that is exactly right Fashintern - I am drawn to retro looks, and I do love them, but they are not me at the moment. I do think it is partly age related but I see other people my age wearing them brilliantly.

Thanks Jonesy - yes, there are bad associations. And I do like my pieces to work hard - I used to wear more outfits/repeats whereas now I do like to mix things up a bit more. Some don't work so well.

The rarely worn slightly retro pieces are below. The jacket was worn once or twice last year, the coat lightly, and the dress not at all. I do like them....but I am not wearing them.

I also counted that I have exited 14 pieces and let in 19 - the growth has been in gear, mostly deliberate (hiking shoes, a second pair of bike pants, two additional gym tees etc) I also have a couple of pieces that are due to exit but I am still wearing (leggings showing wear, a puffer jacket that is good for cold dark mornings but with marks on...). Both have been replaced but I have not exited the item yet because they have wear left in them.....