I have been thinking of getting an Apple Watch as I know that having it would be useful and likely to get me exercising and walking more with the health data.

Any advice from current or former owners of an iWatch is greatly appreciated in terms of things you liked and disliked about the iWatch. I have an iPhone8, so will be able to sync them together.

One issue, that does concern me is has anyone experienced skin sensitivity and rashes from the watch face? I had a first generation Fitbit and could not wear it as it rubbed my skin raw under the watch face. I have very sensitive skin (prone to psoriasis) so it is not the Fitbit’s fault. I have never had an issue with other watches previously and was hoping that the iWatch is gentle on the skin.

I have my eye on a gold watch and will find picking a watch band tricky due to so many great options. I thought I would skip on the cellular data as I usually like to carry my phone with me at all times.